Apple could be working on a hybrid console in the style of ‘Nintendo Switch’

Apple could be working on a hybrid console in the style of 'Nintendo Switch'
apple could be working on a hybrid console in the

The video game market has already shown its potential compared to other industries such as film or music, which it widely exceeds in business volume. And from that cake, Apple already has a good portion thanks to the thousands of titles that come out year after year in its App Store iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac. So in Cupertino they already have a lot of cattle.

The fact is that in the last few hours some rumors have appeared, bounced off by profiles on social networks, which come to point out that Tim Cook’s are working on the project of a Switch-style console, which would come to be within the market for laptops, but without forgetting the other branch that are desktop models. A hybrid concept that is behind the enormous success achieved in the last four years by Nintendo.

What hardware will it have?

The idea that Apple has is to get a machine capable of being used on the street or at home and that It will have its own Apple chip, which will not be the A’s that are used in iPhone and iPad, nor the M of the new Macs. We would be facing another generation, focused on performance with video games and which would be accompanied by a GPU capable of displaying ray-traced graphics, the same ones that have just arrived with PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Apple, preparing a portable hybrid console, like the SwitchA new AP is being prepared with a new model name, not the Apple A series or M series. It features enhanced GPU performance and ray tracing support. Future games are in negotiation with Ubisoft.https: //

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Now while we are all aware of Apple’s ability to seamlessly create hardware and sell it successfully, what about games? It is there where those of Cupertino would have a problem since, although its application store is full of titles, in reality most of it could not be exported to a traditional console model. Great sagas, developments and concepts with many hours of gameplay and game mechanics would be missing.

That is why the information also indicates that Apple would be in talks with Ubisoft for the French company to launch a series of exclusive games for this new machine, either through different installments of its most successful sagas, or by developing others that give luster to the launch of this hypothetical machine. Of course, a must if you want in the future to gain the trust of a sector that does not trust too much in extramural consoles, and tends to close exclusively on what it knows works: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. (the latter to a lesser extent).