Android 12 is seen with a spectacular change in its interface

An Android mobile
android 12 is seen with a spectacular change in its

An Android mobile

The new version of Google’s operating system is already in its final stretch before reaching the first phones. Tomorrow the new Google I / O, the Google developer conference, will be held in a virtual way, in which the great innovations of the operating system will be shown, and probably together with some new devices of the brand. Precisely the proximity of this event explains the huge amount of leaks that are being experienced with respect to Android 12, the new version of the operating system. The last one shows us a radical change in the design of its interface.

A very different design

Nothing remains of that crude design that the Android versions had before the arrival of Android 5 Lollipop, which was a milestone in the history of the operating system, by adopting the Material Design as a new visual pattern. The operating system hasn’t changed much since then, although there have been obvious changes. But it seems that with Android 12 we are going to have more surprises, and a design change that also promises to mark a before and after in this system. The previous versions that Google has been testing have been advancing some brushstrokes of what will finally be seen in the beta version, which will be officially presented tomorrow at Google I / O.

And the images that have been leaked now, that have been extracted from the material that Google will use tomorrow to explain the news, we can see a very different aspect of the operating system. The video of Jon prosser, one of the most active filter filters of the moment shows us the appearance of different areas of the operating system, and of course it is surprising. Especially if we look at the new system lock screen, which now has a very different design, much simpler, minimalist and pleasing to the eye. Among other interesting news we can see a new “pill” at the top of the screen, with direct access to different functions, such as messages, calls and more.

We also have news in the colors available to customize the system, which will be richer than ever, as well as other elements, such as the system clock on the lock screen. We also see new elements of the system, such as widgets, contextual menus or completely new notifications and in shades of colors that we had not seen before. And it is that this will be one of the great novelties, more colors and different themes to customize the terminal.