And Stremio added the option to download video

stremio 1000x600.png
stremio 1000x600.png

Stremio’s case is clearly unique. New to Stremio? Let me introduce it to you then, before telling you why it is unique. But keep in mind that I am not encouraging you to do anything, I am only informing you.

Stremio… Stremio is, to sum it up in the most efficient way that I can think of, the settled evolution of Popcorn Time. Of course, if you don’t know the latter either, I can describe it as a service / application of streaming video that works with a multitude of sources and, therefore, with access to a multitude of content.

Thus, when you install Stremio on your PC (Linux, Mac, Windows) or on your Android or iOS phone, what you will find is a kind of video player that can function as such, although that is not its main purpose. If you dig a little – just a little – in its options you will see that it is extensible through plugins, which is where the real sauce of this app is.

So by adding the appropriate plugins, which are a simple search away, you will have at your disposal an assortment of downloads. via BitTorrent network in which, as you imagine, there is everything. Also movies and series protected by copyright, yes, which you can watch while they are downloaded as you give the play (as long as the file has fonts).

However, Stremio goes much further than what was described, or what Popcorn Time popularized at the time, since the extension capacity through plugins opens a wide range of possibilities, many of them perfectly legal, such as the subscription and listening to podcasts, the subscription and reproduction of content from Netflix, HBO and other platforms with your account; It has a library and calendar that lets you know what is coming out, YouTube support, games …


Stremio on PC

I’m not going to dissect Stremio now, because that is not the purpose of this post, but rather to talk about one of the features that it did not have, but that it has just implemented in its new version: the download the videos that reproduce. There were elaborate ways to do it, but not a direct route like the one offered now. And this, perhaps, can be a before and after for the project.

Because let’s not kid ourselves: Stremio is used mostly for what it is used … I included, despite being subscribed to Prime Video, Netflix and HBO, which is said soon. It is true that I use it very occasionally (like the rest, things in life), but I use it, and seeing the video download option appear surprised me, because others have had a bad time for less. For example, Kodi, the popular multimedia center.

I do not know if Stremio has been persecuted like Kodi for doing something very similar, also facilitating it in an important way. But it is unheard of that the application – also open source, it should be noted – is offered clearly, for example on Google Play (the iOS version is full of functions). But keep it up for me.

Did you know Stremio? Well, you already know it.