Amazon Echo and Echo Dot international version are launched in Peru: know their characteristics


Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot they were presented internationally and are already available for Peru from its website. It features Spanish support, access to regional / local news and radio stations, enhanced local knowledge, and multi-room support.

All this using the Alexa voice assistant who will allow you to access all the content you want in Spanish just by mentioning it, even listening to music from Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify, or audiobooks from recognized authors in Audible Latino.

The devices Threw out, which are speakers designed to perform actions through speech. With just a request, they will tell you the time, report the weather, set timers and alarms, play music, control compatible lights at home, call or message friends and family, and much more. With Echo’s far-field control, they can do all of this from across the room.

“In September of last year, we introduced the new generation of Echo and Echo Dot to customers around the world and now the international version of these devices will be available to customers in Peru from”, He said Rob Pulciani, Vice President of Alexa International. “We are excited to offer the Echo more broadly and are always looking for ways to improve the Alexa experience; We added new features that customers in Peru have requested, including support from Spotify, local news providers, and more. Best of all, since Alexa works from the cloud, these features are now available on existing devices already in homes, ”he added.

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New Alexa features and local content

Customers in Peru will find new features and localized content added just for them through the language setting, US Spanish. Some of the improvements include:

  • Customers can now listen to their favorite music through their Spotify Premium and Spotify Free accounts through Alexa. This joins music services like Amazon Music Unlimited and TuneIn, which now offer access to local radio stations.
  • Regional and local media news. Clients will also have access to global news sources including top news from the Associated Press, Al Jazeera Briefing, Bloomberg Money Minute, and Reuters News Briefing (World).
  • Alexa will now inform you about local soccer leagues, holidays, cultural events, food, history, places, celebrities, and more.
  • Multilingual mode on Echo devices allows bilingual customers to switch from Spanish to English and vice versa. Just enable the US Spanish / English settings during setup and interact with Alexa in either language, a great feature for practicing multiple languages.
  • Multi-room music now you can group multiple Echo devices and sync them to stream the same music in all rooms. Simply use the Alexa app to create groups with two or more Echo devices, naming the group, for example “ground floor.” Once you’ve created the group, just say “Alexa, put on pop music downstairs.”

The international version of the Echo has a spherical design and a fabric finish with an LED light ring at the base of the device that reflects off surfaces for increased visibility. The new Echo also has sound quality thanks to a 3.0-inch woofer and Dolby processing. These provide stereo sound with clear highs, dynamic mids, and deep lows. Echo automatically detects the acoustics of your space and fine-tunes the audio playback; Just by asking to listen to your favorite music, the sound will automatically adapt to your room.

While lhe international version of the Echo Dot has the same spherical design and fabric finish as the Echo, making it an attractive way to add Alexa to any space. It’s compact, but includes a 1.6-inch front speaker that reproduces clear voices and balanced bass for full sound, which can be enjoyed in any room in the home. Also, you can use the snooze function to sleep a few more minutes in the morning; the perfect complement to the nightstand.