A new Apple Store redesigned on iPad with sidebar and …

apple ipados14 widgets 062220 big.jpg.large .jpg
apple ipados14 widgets 062220 big.jpg.large .jpg

Today, Apple debuts a redesigned Apple Store on iPad, releasing an update to the application with version 5.12, bringing with it a completely new user interface. The new design takes advantage of the side bars introduced in iPadOS 14 last summer. Apple has made a number of other changes within the app, including updates to the Today at Apple sessions and the iPad shopping experience.

New sidebar on iPad

Shopping on iPad is now easier thanks to the new sidebar that appears in whatever orientation you use it. First of all, the new layout has a sidebar on the left side of the screen that you can choose to hide or show. It works the same as other iPad apps on iPadOS 14, like the new Music and Photos apps.

Apple has added a new dedicated “Recent Orders” category in the sidebar for quick access to your Apple Store orders as well. All categories that were previously only displayed as a grid are also available in the sidebar for quick access.

Essential accessories

In addition to the new design, Apple has added the ability to “seamlessly add a keyboard or Apple Pencil when you buy your iPad.” This option now appears in the configuration tool when selecting the size and storage capacity of an iPad, just like it does on the web today.

New virtual sessions

Apple has also said they are introducing new virtual Today at Apple sessions so you can “learn everything from the basics to ways to stay productive.” The objective of promoting this category by Apple is to obtain all the benefits that Apple products offer you, participating in the Today at Apple virtual sessions to learn from the basics to the advanced.