A heartbroken young man pays tribute to his partner just one month after his tragic death

a heartbroken young man pays tribute to his partner just

A heartbroken man cycles 2,750 km from Dublin to Spain in honor of his partner, who tragically died last month.

Alisdair Anderson plans to go on the grand bike tour to raise money in memory of Ruth Staines, who died on April 3 at age 31 after less than a year of battling motor neuron disease.

Ruth was diagnosed with the disease last May and her partner Alisdair became a full-time caregiver during the illness.

He plans to give back to the Irish Motor Neuron Diseases Association which was there every step of the way to help the couple during their final months.

The fundraiser reads: “My partner, Ruth Staines, passed away on April 3, 2021, after a short but challenging battle with motor neuron disease. In her memory, I cycle 2,750 km from Dublin to Nerja, Spain, to raise vital funds for the Irish Association for Motor Neuron Diseases.

Alisdair Anderson and her partner Ruth Staines

“When Ruth was diagnosed with motor neuron disease about a year ago, in May 2020, no one could have predicted how quickly the disease would affect Ruth’s independence.

“My goal is to pedal from Dublin, Ireland to Nerja, Spain. This will be a 2,750km ride and I will do it alone (unless someone wants to join the trail!). A little further down on why this ride will be special .

“Ruth really lived life to the fullest. But when she moved to Nerja, Spain, there was something about the place that made her settle. Nerja is a beautiful whitewashed city on the Andalusian coast and this is where I first met Ruth. I worked. at a local bar and Ruth quickly became a regular. I remember offering to walk her home maybe the first night we met. I must have seemed dodgy because then I found out she lived next door.

Alisdair Anderson and her partner Ruth Staines

“However, I must have earned their trust, and within a couple of months we were living together. We both had a passion for dogs and through a local charity we started raising abandoned puppies.

“Ruthie always looked fondly on her time in Nerja and it really was a special place for her. She made a lot of close friends, her second home you could say and even when she returned to Dublin she always kept up with all the gossip. I think Ruth would approve. start the journey in Dublin, his ancestral home, and finish in Nerja, his home in the sun. “

He added: “The 2,750 km journey will begin at Oxmantown Road on Friday May 14, where Ruth has lived since returning to Dublin.

“Then it’s the ferry to Wales, it goes through the south of England, followed by another ferry to the north of France. I will travel through Bordeaux and cross (or fly over!) The Pyrenees.”

“Then I’ll head straight to the east coast of Spain, where I hope the fresh sea air keeps me cool! Eventually, the goal is to end up in Nerja, on the southeast coast of Spain, in mid-July … cross our fingers!”

He pleaded: “I’m asking you to dig deep into your pockets to donate to this amazing cause. All donations go directly to the Irish Association for Motor Neuron Diseases. I’ll keep updating the page and you can even follow me live so I can’t. to cheat “.

You can donate, find more information and follow their journey here.

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