A free app to create inventories of household items

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lyfai 730x409.jpg

It is common that, as the years progress, little by little things begin to accumulate at home. Some time later, it is difficult to locate them again if you do not remember the exact point where they were stored and you can even completely forget the existence of these objects.

With the help of a complete application, totally free, it is now possible to easily create an inventory of our household items and thus not lose track of them, even if we do not have them in sight.

All the articles of your house registered from your mobile

With the help of image recognition tools that have become widespread today thanks to artificial intelligence, LyfAi is able to recognize the items you want to add to your inventory through the mobile camera.

When starting to draw up the list of objects to be registered, it is important to specify the place of storage of the same as a point of reference. You can add as many spaces as necessary to keep your records organized.

To start adding objects, simply point the camera at them to bring up some tags suggested by the system, which can be edited for convenience and understanding.

Once the inventory is completed, it will always be available in the LyfAi application. There, you can navigate between the records comfortably through its internal search engine.

As an accessory search mechanism, if you use the Alexa voice assistant on any of your devices, you can use the Skill of this app, although its commands operate only in English. Also, the app has its own voice assistant, but at the moment it is limited by the same language barrier.

The service is completely free, it does not have improvements that can be purchased through a subscription. As outlined in the presentation of LyfAi on its website, the objective of this app is to contribute positively with better habits, reducing the consumerism that can be generated when acquiring a product that is necessary and that is also owned, but without remembering its existence.

The information managed by LyfAi is stored in the cloud, but maintaining adequate security safeguards, as indicated by this service. The data is protected with encryption and the shared information file can be downloaded at any time.

LyfAi is a young application and according to what they present, they are working on the development of new functions.

You can learn more about this app on its website or download it directly for Android in the Play Store or for iOS in the App Store.