A compact mobile with Android and physical keyboard that triumphs on Kickstarter

titanpocket 730x408.jpg
titanpocket 730x408.jpg

There was a time when smart mobile phones with a physical keyboard predominated, and today there is still a small niche of users, although less and less, who want to continue to have smart mobile phones with a physical keyboard, although this demand can only be cover small companies like Unihertz, which currently has a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its new model of mobile phone with a physical keyboard.

This is Titan Pocket, a compact version based on Titan, the mobile model that led to the crowdfunding campaign in 2019, which had a design similarity to that of the BlackBerry Passport, although running under the Android system.

Titan Pocket is also based on Android, precisely on an almost pure version of Android 11, without a lot of customizations, and aimed at unpretentious users, since it does not offer enough solvency as a current conventional mid-range mobile can offer.

And we are talking about a mobile with a low consumption processor, the MediaTek P70, which comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB, although in its favor is its generous 4,000 mAh battery, in addition to its great resistance.

The 3.1 inch LCD touch screen, which offers a resolution of 716 x 720p, may be insufficient for many of the activities we do today, although at the beginning we indicated that this model is aimed at a rather small niche of users.

So, the photographic section does not stand out eitherThere is a single 16MP camera that is quite solvent only in good lighting conditions, without asking for much more.

With all that has been mentioned, its use for games and other demanding activities or those that need a larger screen area is completely discarded. In fact, there are applications that cannot adapt to the screen size of this model, including some video players and more.

This model is rather well targeted for those who want to respond to emails, write tweets and little else in full mobility, yes, with a fairly robust physical keyboard. Still, he has found quite a few Kickstarter takers, achieving exceed the goal set by far and 20 days after the end of it, having already some rewards completely sold out, although shipments are limited to certain countries.

Those interested will be able to have all the details on the campaign website itself and on the evolution of the company through previous campaigns, some of which we have also come to comment on.

Image Credit: Unihertz