5 signs the iOS App Store is changing …

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app store 1174440 1280.jpg

Smartphones have changed our way of relating and also, even working on a day-to-day basis. Before, everything was done through a computer but things have changed and now, it is even possible to work from a smartphone or tablet.

Apple wants to make life easier for its users and that is why, constantly, they are making constant evolutions in their application store so that their users have the latest in apps. Above all, Apple developers serve as inspiration thanks to the apps they make, helping not only users but also transforming sectors and ultimately changing the world.

That is why there are many changes that occur in this iOS App Store. Next we are going to offer you some of those changes that have occurred in recent times and with which the Cupertino firm wants to win over all those who have a apple signature device.

Widgets and App Clips

During the last Apple developer conference, the App Clips were introduced. But what does this innovation consist of? Basically, it can be said that it is a simple and fast way to discover new apps. All this through visual indicators, NFC technology and also shared links. These App Clips are capable of opening in just a few seconds and what they offer to users is a specific part of the app. Therefore, it is a very original way to reach them.

In the iOS App Store, another element that has been redesigned has been the widgets. Above all, this innovation has been produced from a practical point of view, since they allow to have the most timely information at hand. If a user has widgets on their home screen, then users will be able to use it when looking at the device. For developers it is noteworthy that the new SwiftUI API allows them to create widgets for iPadOS, macOS and iOS and with the same code.

SwiftUI offers new functionalities

SwiftUI has enabled a more modern environment for developers. Now, new features can be added to your code and the Lazy API ensures that large data sets function optimally.