5 apps to share expenses with friends

dinero monedas inversion
dinero monedas inversion
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When it comes to sharing and distributing expenses, it is usually very helpful to have a simple calculator with which to divide the amount among those who have shared dinner, travel or shopping in the supermarket, but there are different applications that make this task even easier.

Once the payments have been distributed, it is necessary to make the income by PayPal, Bizum or in cash

This is especially useful for those cases in which everyone involved in a purchase or payment is not present at the same time and in the same place, such as when you touch pay between multiple friends or family A birthday present.

Some of these apps allow you to send money directly from PayPal, but in general they make it easier to calculate the corresponding amounts, and you have to organize the payments through Bizum or by giving the amount in cash to whoever corresponds.

-Billr: His specialty Distribute the costs of meals or dinners in bars and restaurants, adding for each of the diners the price of the dish they have ordered in addition to marking the shared orders (bottles of drink, salads, appetizers to share …) calculating at the end the part corresponding to each of the diners. This app is only available for iOS.

Capture Billr

-Divvy: A perfect app for those who do not want to bother even to enter manually indicate the expenses incurred, just take a photo of the lunch or dinner ticket, check that all prices have been correctly detected by the application and “drag” each one of the prices to the name of the corresponding person. Divvy will automatically calculate the amount to be paid. It is only available for iOS.

-SettleUp: It works through tabs that are assigned to the different expenses, and within each one it is distributed according to the people among whom said expense should be distributed. It automatically synchronizes in the cloud the different groups that are created for events or expenses related to these events, so that each of the participants can know at all times how much they owe and what they correspond to. It is available for iOS and for Android.

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-Splitwise: It allows you to add different payments by assigning them the identity of the person who made them, which can be very useful on a trip or in the organization of a party, cases in which each one is in charge of a different purchase. When all the expenses have been completed, it allows you to calculate the corresponding part and send notifications by email to whoever should put their part, allowing payment through PayPal. Available on iOS and Android.

-SpotMe: In this case, its function is very oriented to those who share a flat and must face joint expenses. It allows you to add the bills for the different expenses and supplies (and thus save on electricity, gas, water, Internet …), including the rent of the house itself, managing the part that corresponds to pay each one. At the moment it is only available in ios.

App Spot Me

It also allows you to offset expenses and income, that is, if one of the roommates owes his part of the electricity payment but took care of the purchase for the week, he can balance the balance between both contributions. It also has an alert system through notifications to indicate to each one when they have to pay and what the payment corresponds to. It is only available for iOS.